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Coaching with Soul

by Blaine Bartlett


This is a PDF of my Coaching with Soul presentation.

The Co-Creative Nature of Leadership

by Blaine Bartlett


This article explores the fallacy that the "heroic" leader is the leader that is needed in today's rapidly changing and ever more obviously connected world. Drawing on my working definition  of leadership being the activity of "co-creating coordinated movement that produces actions required to create desired results the reader is invited to explore their assumptions about what leadership is and what it can produce.

Encyclical Letter Laudato Si’ On Care For Our Common Home

by Pope Francis


This Encyclical Letter by Pope Francis is a compelling and urgent call to all of humanity to act decisively to counter the calamitous effects of unbridled Industrial Capitalism. This is a relatively short read and I consider it to be a “must read” for anyone concerned about the state of the world and all life that shares it. His message is simple: “There can be no renewal of our relationship with nature without a renewal of humanity itself.”

Compassionate Capitalism

by Blaine Bartlett

This is a Presentation I made on the argument for shifting our collective world view on business to one of Compassionate Capitalism. Using the Prezi tool you are taken on a tour of the history of modern capitalism, the effects of modern capitalism on today’s world, and provided with an alternative economic model that has Compassion as its core.

Fourth Dimensional Leadership

by Blaine Bartlett

This is a Prezi Presentation I made about Fourth Dimensional Leadership. The program is being developed by myself and Bob Proctor and explores competencies within four key dimensions that leaders in the 21st Century need to master. The presentation was delivered to Bob Proctor's Matrixx program in 2015.

New Paradigms of Corporate Governance: The Buck Stops Here

by Rinaldo Brutoco & Gerald Czarnecki

World Business Academy President Rinaldo Brutoco and Gerry Czarnecki continue the Academy's Corporate Governance Series arguing that a board of directors that meets the letter of Sarbanes-Oxley will likely not fulfill its responsibilities unless additional pre-conditions are met. These include a particular type of group consciousness, role clarity, an appropriate budget, full access to information, and more. They also provide a practical tool for dividing responsibility between boards and management.

The Secrets to Sustainable Success

by Blaine Bartlett

This article is a chapter from the book Discover Your Inner Strength that I co-authored with Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard and Brian Tracy. The content comprises the intellectual framework of a training and coaching program designed for use with organizations and individuals interested in building the capacity for sustainable success.

Why Perfect Doesn't Work

by Blaine Bartlett

This article is abstracted from the Introduction of my book Three Dimensional Coaching: Passion to Performance.. The book was published in 2013 and is available in ebook format as well as in Chinese and Japanes.

Leadership's Identity Crisis

by Blaine Bartlett

This article was written by me in 1996. It was first published in Leader magazine in 1997. In the article I explore the impact and consequences to an organization when the role of the leader is viewed through the lens of traditional command and control models. In the ariticle, I suggest that the success of today’s organizations requires an awareness on the part of the leader of the impact of identity on an individual’s attempts to make meaningful the many changes occurring today.

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