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My latest book is a #1 International Best Seller in multiple business categories and was the fastest selling book on Amazon in its Business Leadership category. This provocative book is a must read for anyone serious about business success, leadership and the future of both our species and our planet.

Business is the most pervasive and influential force on the planet today. Its activities transcend national and international borders. Its enterprises are not unduly constrained by financial, political, cultural, ethnic, or religious concerns. The net of this is that business, as a prevalent and important force, has a moral responsibility to guide, enhance, value, and nourish the existence of all that it encounters. In the world today, the absolute opposite of this often occurs. Business today seldom assesses the efficacy of its activities through the lens of anything but profit.


Because business touches literally everything that humans are involved with, its activity rises to a level approaching that of a spiritual undertaking. This is not meant in any woo-woo or religious sense, however. Rather, it this the pragmatic sense that everything on this planet—organic/inorganic, sentient/nonsentient—is connected in subtle but profound ways that can only be fully appreciated through a lens of spiritual compassion.


Either harmful acts or ennobling acts undertaken by business affects everything and everyone in some fashion. Nothing we encounter is separate and isolated from the whole. We live in and on a closed system that is fully and symbiotically integrated. Consequently, we and everything else on this planet we call home are dependent on the viability of each constituent part.


From our perspective, business is nothing less than a spiritual discipline, therefore it requires the same integrity, commitment, intentionality, courage, and compassion. Spiritual disciplines honor life, in all its forms, as having innate and intrinsic value simply because it exists. It’s the honoring of this value—the ennobling of this value—that is called forth when we approach business as a spiritual undertaking. It is the compassionate thing to do.



I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!! Thank you so much for writing the truth and saying what every living breathing person knows MUST be said. You are my hero. Thank-you so much. I hope it goes right to the top of every single chart. Really! Bravissimo!

~ Lynne Twist, NY Times best-selling author of The Soul of Money,

Founder of The Soul of Money Institute and

co-founder of Pachamama Alliance


The authors offer us a compelling case for a new way of thinking rooted in the truth that all things are connected. Compassionate Capitalism provides great lessons from early adopters on this path toward truly sustainable growth and encourages those still waiting to jump in.

~ Rick Miller, former President AT&T Global and Chief at


This book is about the crucial intersections of business, life, and the true essence of the human spirit. What the authors present represents business intentionally and compassionately making the future our business. It is must reading for any leader – in and out of business!

~ Andrew Black, founder/CEO of BrandProject,

co-founder Virgin Mobile Canada with Sir Richard Branson,

and former President Americas at LEGO


Business leaders now have a guidebook that can transform the way business is conducted on the planet for the benefit of all. I encourage you to read this and circulate a copy to anyone with whom you do business…it’s that good!

~ Dr. Ivan Misner, Founder of BNI

and NY Times bestselling author


Compassionate Capitalism is an important contribution to our growing understanding of what it will take make business a force for healing and uplifting the human condition in the future. Too many businesses have lost sight of the fact that the flourishing of lives is the ultimate purpose; this book shows how we can help make that a reality.

~ Raj Sisodia, co-founder Conscious Capitalism Inc.
and Professor, Babson College


Compassionate Capitalism redefines what it means to create value. A wonderfully optimistic guide to moving from surviving to thriving through compassionate leadership of business, employees, customers, and the planet.  A must read for those creating the future of business!

~ Bruce MacGregor, CCO and Managing Partner for Asia at IDEO

This book is not only timely; it must become required reading for anyone leading or aspiring to lead a business. The significant issues we face today can be solved by business and this book provides a prescription for doing so. Get it and apply it.

~ Jack Canfield, Coauthor of The Success Principles,

Heart at Work, and the Chicken Soup for the Soul series


The authors raise bold and important questions about today's business climate in their intriguing new book, Compassionate Capitalism.  Founded on the four pillars of gratitude, empathy, accountability and effective communication, this book offers real solutions for transforming organizations into more purposeful entities for the future.”

                        ~ Stephen M. R. Covey, NY Times bestselling author of

The Speed of Trust and coauthor of Smart Trust


In Compassionate Capitalism, the authors eloquently amplify the Quadruple Bottom Line concept (people, planet, profit and purpose) by redefining business as a spiritual discipline lead by “merchant priests” and by outlining an action plan for negotiating the essential transition from an economy of scarcity to an economy of abundance. In essence, they have created a business plan for a sustainable future. Given the ubiquitous toxic consequences of Industrial Capitalism, the fate of humanity literally hinges upon our ability to heed their sage advice.

~ Rinaldo S. Brutoco, Founder and President World Business Academy,

Board Director at Just Capital


Profit matters, but our world matters more. Compassionate Capitalism powerfully illustrates how compassion is a vital key to sustainable economic growth. I love this book!  It’s a must read book for business leaders everywhere.  

~ Cynthia Kersey, Founder and CEO Unstoppable Foundation
and Best-selling author of Unstoppable


This books shifts the paradigm of international business. The world will never be the same!

~ Kishore Luilla, Chairman and CEO Eros International Group


Touchdown! Bartlett to Meltzer!

~ Warren Moon, President, Sports 1 Marketing,

NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback,

Founder of the Crescent Moon Foundation

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