Keynote Topics

Compassionate Capitalism: A Journey to the Soul of Business

Increasingly unsustainable consumption, climate change and increasing wealth disparity are but some of the consequences of the world’s most dominate economic system – capitalism. This keynote presentation provides an historical overview of the capitalistic economic model with a specific focus on why and in what ways it needs to change. An alternative definition of value creation is provocatively positioned and audience members are invited to consider the possibility that the “future of business is making the future its business.”

Hidden Laws of Leadership

This keynote presentation is based on leadership programs I originally developed for Bell Laboratories and Nokia. I have presented versions of the program for 26 years as part of an ISO9000 certified curriculum at the Japan Creative Education Institute in Tokyo. I define leadership as “the activity of creating coordinated movement that causes actions necessary to produce desired results”. The substance of the presentation orients the audience to the four core dimensions of effective leadership – mind, space/time, personal mastery, and relationships – that make effective leadership possible and challenges them to examine how they lead both their organizations and their lives.

The Soul of Businessee Dimensional Coaching

Coaching is more and more a core skill that a manager needs to develop. This keynote is a synopsis of my book Three Dimensional Coaching that is the basis for a coach training program I developed that helped launch the coach training industry in Japan and China. Covering three major models of coaching (performance, life and somatic) the talk explores how the integration of the models makes possible dramatic changes in behavior and cognition in relatively short periods of time. Listeners are provided simple tools that are immediately transferable and useful in their own organization.

Out of Time: A 21st Century Approach to Life and Leadership

This talk is a synopsis of a broader exploration of what it means to develop as a leader and to develop an organizational culture of leaders. The most pressing variable most leaders confront is the element of time. This is one of the most misunderstood resources available to a leader and this presentation orients the listener to a fundamental shift in understanding what time actually is and how it impacts the creation of results – personally and organizationally. Liberally borrowing from the Law of Attraction and quantum physics the presentation is designed to fundamentally changes the way participants approach the creation of results and their “reality”. 

Life Between the Cracks

How is “reality” created? What is the impact of striving for perfection on the human spirit? How can we define success in a way that allows for the dropping of many balls? What do I do when I don’t know what to do? What is genius and how can I become one? These are some of the questions posed and answered in this talk. Life is messy…and funny, and frightening, and awe inspiring. It’s what one does with what “falls between the cracks” that makes the most difference. 

I Am...

This keynote presentation is intentionally provocative and intriguing. The objective of the talk (and hence the title) is to challenge the listener to pay attention to what is going on around them as if it is caused by them. By doing so they can begin to look at the source of their results from a more generative perspective and, ideally, be positioned to ultimately take full responsibility and ownership for all that they experience in life. For an organizational audience the net impact is to challenge the very assumption of what it means to be creative, accountable and fully engaged.

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