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52 Weekly Practices

To Transform Your
Leadership Mindset

The Art and Science


Moving Possibility Into Reality


Over the course of these weekly practices you’ll be visiting with leaders, sages, philosophers and wise men and women who have explored questions of authenticity, truth, power, and relationship – all in service of answering the question of how to be more effective as a leader and as a human being.


The 52 weekly practices presented in the book are organized in alignment with the definition of leadership as being the "activity of co-creating coordinated movement." Einstein once said that nothing happens until something moves. Action is required and the acronym ACCCT (Awareness, Context, Communication Mastery, Commitment, Trust) is my shorthand for the key elements that comprise this very specific kind of action. Leaders act in order to cause movement. In order to create sustainable success in life that action needs to be intentional and disciplined. A dedicated study of the practices in this book can transform the way you lead your life and your organization.

Bob Proctor's Book Interview
with Blaine Bartlett

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