A Soul of Business™ Program

Leadership Mindset Coaching

David's bandwidth is limited - most of us can probably identify with this.


As a consequence, he's not able to take on as many 1-on-1 coaching clients as he would like and has had to create a waitlist. This isn't a good option for either him or for those of you on the list.


So he asked his coach Blaine Bartlett for some ideas. They have come up with a way to help you have access to a resource that, in many ways, are the same as what David would be providing to you to get you started with him. It is customized access to the Introduction module of the world-class Leadership Mindset Coaching program Blaine has developed.


This is the basic foundation of Leadership Mindset Coaching and it is specifically designed to lay the groundwork for any future development work you decide to undertake and, significantly, it is the core of the work Blaine has done with David over the years.

What Results Do You Get With
Leadership Mindset Coaching?

  • Remove Your "Blind Spots" So That You Can Become Aware Of And Leverage The Massive Opportunities That Are Already Around You

  • Identify And Replace Self-Sabotaging Beliefs And Behaviors In Order To Create More Health and Wealth

  • Reprogram Your Mindset To Create Abundance In Every Area Of Life Including Business, Relationships, Health, Living With Purpose And Passion, And More

  • Map Out A Specific Plan To Achieve Your Goals,Stay Accountable In Your Actions, And Create A Life Of Thriving

What's Included With
Leadership Mindset Coaching?

  • Two Master Class Videos Presenting

    • Mindset and its power

    • The FULL working definition of Effective Leadership

    • An overview of the core leadership elements that make up Co-created Coordinated Movement (ACCCT)

  • 4 - 6 Weeks Of Focused Self-Directed Coaching

  • Custom Designed Accelerator Assignments Focusing
    On Identifying Major Mindset Elements


  • Specially Selected Reading Material Introducing A Powerful
    And Generative Mindset


  • A Custom Worksheet To Help You Identify What's Working For
    You And What Needs To Change


  • An E-Copy Of Blaine's Newest Book Leadership Mindset Weekly With 52 Weeks Of Assignments And Suggestions Designed To:

    • Enhance your awareness of your Leadership Mindset

    • Improve your leadership effectiveness
    • Provide a regular practice for transforming your Leadership Mindset

Instead of waiting until David's waitlist clears (waiting is usually not a good success strategy!), David and Blaine think this offer represents a great way to help keep you moving and proactively engaged in creating your future.


David worked with Blaine to come up with this solution.


Your job now is to take advantage of it.


As Albert Einstein said, "Nothing happens until something moves."



David Has Worked With Blaine To Make

The Introduction Module Of

Leadership Mindset Coaching
(And Blaine's Newest Book)


Available to You
For Only $85

(That's 90% Off!)