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Soul of Business Leadership Coaching


A highly focused coaching program for leaders committed to exponential growth

and learning how to ​thrive​,​ not just survive






You know the value of having the mission of your company be your #1 priority


It's your brand promise... your differentiator in a crowded market... your "secret sauce."


But how do you maintain that focus as the business matures?


The unfortunate truth is - losing sight of your mission

can be ultimately catastrophic...


...revenue stagnates, margins erode, key employees leave, investors

become increasingly critical, it stops being fun... and your

loyal customer base begins to evaporate.


As Ernest Hemingway wrote in ​The Sun Also Rises​,


"How did you go bankrupt?"
"Two ways. Gradually, then suddenly!"


The critical question you, as a leader, need to be able to answer to turn around the slow (or rapid) decline of your company is this...


How do you continuously inspire your team to genuinely care about your organization's values and mission so they consistently "show up,"

fully invested in its success?


If you're being honest, it's probably a question you're wrestling with.


Whether you're an entrepreneur, CEO, or executive on the leadership team,

the goal is the same...


To take your growing business to the next level - with your mission front and center.


After more than 30 years of research, development, and delivery of leadership

and success content to some of the world's largest and most successful organizations, I likely know what you’re experiencing right now.


The business has done well. You've grown and achieved your revenue targets.

But, now, there's a lack of motivation and innovation happening

within your organization that is keeping you up at night.


It might look something like this...

  • Employees are just clocking in and out to get their paychecks without really taking ownership of their work or pride in what they do.

  • Team members are feeling and acting uninspired, they're blaming poor results and quality issues on others or circumstances, and company values are not shining through in every project.

  • Real growth is grinding to a halt because mistakes, inefficiencies, and poor communication are keeping you stalled at your current level. And innovative ideas are stillborn if anyone even expresses them.

  • It has become hard to retain great employees, develop their skills, and stimulate their internal motivation to excel because of an overall lack of emotional engagement within the company.

  • You are feeling uninspired and frustrated, and work is increasingly taking an unhealthy bite out of your personal life and health.


You know that there's a missing piece that will put an end to all these problems...

but you don't know what that is.


If this sounds like the situation you and your company are in

- you're definitely not alone.


Nearly every organization and leader I've worked with has had these same issues as they have scaled beyond the startup phase.


Companies are started as a way to fulfill a valued mission.


But what so often happens is as revenue climbs and you hire more people, the business of the "business" starts to take priority over values and mission. And the purpose that fueled the growth of the organization is relegated to a tagline or some text on a poster.


What happened?


The key to turning this around is ​effective​ leadership.


Maybe you've invested in some leadership training in the past, but their methods haven't moved you forward in the way you'd hoped.


Or maybe you've brought in external business consultants, only to find that they have the same blind spots that are keeping you stuck.


Whatever the case, the bottom line is you've been wasting time and money on expensive mistakes, trying to grow your business quickly and successfully.


You know it's time for a different approach. As a leader, you know you’ve got to BE better in order for your business to DO better.


Imagine if your company looked like this instead...

  • Employees show up with more energy, eagerly share ideas, and fully invest themselves in their achievement and the organization's success.

  • There is a renewed focus on upholding company values and striving to build the business to support your bigger mission and purpose.

  • Your organization is at the forefront of your industry, creating change in exciting, new ways because of the boost in efficiency, creativity, and problem-solving within your team.

  • And you experience extraordinary outcomes like doubled revenue, the best quarters in your company's history, and a culture of excellence that attracts and maintains your best talent - because things are so good that people don't want to leave.


You only get these kinds of results from ​effective​ leadership development

that creates change from inside individual leaders so it can manifest

in external results.


David Meltzer







"Blaine Bartlett is a leadership genius who delivers incredibly great content and results! His grasp of his material and his ability to engage audiences is spectacular. In short, he's a consummate professional who is both relevant and effective."

Mark Victor Hansen, NY Times Best Selling Co-Author of "Chicken Soup for the Soul" and "The One Minute Millionaire"

"Blaine Bartlett's materials reflect the decades of research that has gone into his work. He provides some of the best material on prosperity that I have experienced."

Bob Proctor, Star of "The Secret" and Best Selling Author of "You Were Born Rich"



Soul of Business Leadership Coaching


A 6-month coaching program for leaders committed to exponential growth and learning how to thrive, not just survive


At the heart of Soul of Business Leadership Coaching is the idea that truly effective leaders "co-create coordinated movement."


Everything that you create or produce in your organization is the result of more than one individual - it's always a co-creation.


Learning how to effectively "coordinate" - or guide - that co-creation within your company is the key to developing high levels of employee engagement.


And that engagement is what leads to incredible boosts in

productivity, innovation, and revenue.


This is exactly what the Soul of Business Leadership Coaching program

is designed to help you create!


The information and training methods inside Soul of Business Leadership Coaching have only been available to my one-on-one clients that are actively

participating in my year-long coaching program

- until now!


This 6-month accelerated version will give you and your leadership team

access to this powerful system and the ability to cultivate deeper

connection and engagement within your company.


So your business becomes more ​efficient​, ​productive​, and ​profitable

without sacrificing your values and mission.


This is the same coaching and leadership system that I've developed and refined for over 30 years and proven with my clients, including:




Join the

Soul of Business Leadership Coaching program!




What's included when you say YES to the Soul of Business Leadership Coaching program:

  • 6 Masterclass Training Modules dedicated to introducing and exploring, in-depth, the five core elements of co-created coordinated movement

  • Tailored leadership practices to work with between the Masterclass sessions to help you integrate and implement the content that will transform your business

  • Personal coaching sessions each month to get customized support for leading more effectively in your unique organization as you implement the Soul of Business Leadership Coaching

  • Support, collaboration, and accountability with others participating in the program, so you're surrounded by purpose-driven leaders on a similar path


Inside Soul of Business Leadership Coaching, you'll learn, experience, and

implement the core elements of this style of leadership that have

been proven to produce ​quantum jumps i​n performance.


Throughout the program, you'll do "deep dives" into the five key domains that comprise the activity of "co-creating coordinated movement."


You'll work "hands on" to develop powerful practices to master the five domains

and cultivate your unique way of leading.


Here's a look at some of what you'll be learning and leveraging over the six in-depth modules of the program:


Module 1: Introduction to Soul of Business Leadership Coaching

  • Overview of the program and how to be successful with the material

  • Define and understand the core dimensions that comprise the Soul of Business Leadership model

  • Explore consciousness, creation, and manifestation and how they apply to effective leadership


Module 2: Awareness

  • Build awareness of the thoughts, beliefs, and actions needed to make conscious decisions that benefit your organization

  • Quickly identify the cause of any push-back against change so you can make real progress

  • Become familiar with your "bow wake" and how to use it to initiate effective movement


Module 3: Context

  • Define the "what and why" of goal achievement to align understanding and coordinate actions

  • Learn how to influence behavior by focusing on the meaning that drives all action

  • Understand the immense leadership leverage inherent in focusing on context


Module 4: Communication Mastery

  • Develop communication strategy and tactics that produce masterful impact

  • Use elegance as a guideline to produce specific, desired results with minimal or no unintended consequences

  • Effectively inspire and motivate people from different backgrounds, who work in different areas, and have different goals and objectives

Module 5: Trust

  • What it means to build trust with yourself and within your organization... and how missing this will doom your effectiveness
    as a leader

  • Why self-mastery is foundational to creating sustainable trust and is essential for powerful leadership

  • How to build, maintain, and repair damaged trust to keep relationships productive

Module 6: Commitment

  • Generate real commitment and demonstrated ownership from others that sustains them through inevitable challenges

  • Experience the difference that ​being​ a commitment brings to your leadership effectiveness

  • Develop the confidence to know what to do even when you aren't sure what to do


This is the same material that's helped hundreds of thousands of leaders that

I've personally educated and coached to produce phenomenal results

for themselves and their organizations!


Hi, I'm Blaine Bartlett


I've been writing books and speaking about leadership mastery, while educating, training, and coaching leaders in some of the world's largest and most successful organizations for over 30 years.


During that time, I've developed, tested, and refined methods for cultivating leadership mastery that have impacted almost a million people at companies in the U.S. and around the world.


Companies like Apple, Starbucks, Nokia, Microsoft, AT&T - as well as numerous startups and mid-size companies.


The Soul of Business Leadership Coaching program is designed to bring these powerful methods to small and mid-sized organizations to bridge the gap so many leaders get stuck in - where engagement, creativity, and innovation dip, as the company focus becomes more about the bottom line than about doing work that truly matters.


Developing truly effective and masterful leadership will help you to reignite the spirit of your business, spark internal motivation in your team, and experience quantum leaps in your success.


Traditional leadership programs typically focus primarily on Vision, Strategy,

and Tactics. This program addresses these AND explores how

you utilize them within a framework informed by a

fourth leadership dimension - CONSCIOUSNESS.


There is no other leadership training program in existence that incorporates this fourth dimension and helps you master co-created coordinated movement.


When you consistently practice and apply these principles to your business, your culture will transform, and your productivity, innovation, and profitability will soar!


"...thank you for being world class facilitator and a top-quality human being. Every time I think of one of the most challenging business issues I have ever faced, I think of you and the way that you handled things – so fair and decent and direct."

Ed McLaughlin, Former Chairman & CEO, United Systems Integrators Corporation (a Johnson Controls company)



“Blaine Bartlett’s ability as a coach to design process and content that are both elegant and effective, yet challenging and stretching, makes him one of the most impactful leadership coaches I’ve had the privilege to work with.”

Magdalena Mook, CEO and Executive Director, International Coach Federation (ICF)


Join the Soul of Business Leadership Coaching program!




Frequently Asked Questions


How does the program work?


Each module begins with a "Masterclass" video that sets up the module's content and context. These are followed by regularly spaced content specific to each module. The new content will appear in your inbox and/or on your mobile device as a combination of brief video or audio content and specific readings and other resources, including strategically positioned webinars, designed to facilitate a deep dive into the module's content.


You will have specific and targeted accelerator assignments to work with during that module as you "practice" integrating the leadership content into your unique leadership style and workplace situations.


You're free to move through the content at your own pace, and it is all accessible to you 24/7 after it is introduced. Our coaches are also available to work with you as you explore how to work with and utilize the material in ways that are most impactful for you and your organization.


What kind of businesses and organizations is this designed to help?


Soul of Business Leadership Coaching is designed for small to mid-sized companies in the $5million-$250million annual revenue range. It doesn't matter if you're a solopreneur, an entrepreneur with a small team, a CEO, or an executive inside a larger organization. This program will help you take your leadership and business to the next level.


Who within my company will benefit from this leadership coaching program?

This program is designed to help CEOs, managers, executives, and other leaders within your organization who are responsible for your bottom line (and top line!) results to be FAR more effective.


How much access will I have to Blaine throughout the program?


You'll have access to Blaine's incredible insights and training in each month's module content. Our team of trained and skilled coaches will support you on your monthly calls to answer questions, problem-solve, and help you implement Blaine's teachings.


I'm ready to sign up - how do I enroll?


Click one of the "Enroll Now" buttons on this page, complete a brief questionnaire to tell us about your organization, and then schedule an enrollment call to make sure this program can truly benefit you and your company. You'll receive access to the first month's module as soon as you say “YES”. We can't wait to welcome you!


"Blaine Bartlett is a master teacher who has the ability to explain complex topics in ways that make it possible for everyone to understand and, more importantly, implement what they understand. His presentations challenge our ideas of what we think we know, who we are and what we think is even possible."

Cynthia Kersey, CEO/Founder, Unstoppable Foundation, Best Selling Author of "Unstoppable" and "Unstoppable Women"


"Blaine Bartlett's presentations and programs are some of the best of their kind. He's entertaining, enlightening and exceptionally engaging. He is a world-class facilitator and thought-leader in the areas of leadership and the development of high performing organizations."

Janet Bray Attwood, NY Times Best Selling Author of "The Passion Test" and "Your Hidden Riches"


"The first time I heard Blaine speak I was inspired by his brilliance and moved by his commitment to transforming business. Not only is his content unique and easily implementable, but he forever changed how I thought about leadership."

Marcia Wieder, CEO, The Meaning Institute, Best Selling Author of 15 books, advisor to three U.S. Presidents, and syndicated columnist for The San Francisco Chronicle



Join the Soul of Business Leadership Coaching program!