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The Leadership Mindset Weekly: 52 Weekly Practices To Transform Your Leadership Mindset

by Blaine Bartlett

The Art and Science of Moving Possibility Into Reality.


Over the course of 52 weekly lessons you’ll be visiting with leaders, sages, philosophers and wise men and women who have explored questions of authenticity, truth, power, and relationship – all in service of answering the question of how to be more effective as a leader and as a human being.

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Tapping Into The Soul of Business: Key to Employee Engagement

by Blaine Bartlett

A timely e-book that highlights the primary key to creating and sustaining high levels of emotional engagement. At a time when employee engagement is consistently rated at or below 13% globally this is a must read.

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Compassionate Capitalism: A Journey to the Soul of Business

by Blaine Bartlett and David Meltzer

My latest book is a #1 International Best Seller in multiple business categories and was the fastest selling book on Amazon in its Business Leadership category. This provocative book is a must read for anyone serious about business success, leadership and the future of both our species and our planet.


Business is the most dominant and pervasive agent of change on the planet today. With this in mind, the major message in the book is that the capitalism model upon which today's businesses are based has disastrously outlived its usefullness. In the book we make the argument that the fundamental purpose of business is NOT to make profits. Rather, it is to enhance the quality of ALL life on the planet.  

Three Dimensional Coaching

by Blaine Bartlett 

This best selling book is available in ebook formats for all e-readers including Kindle and iBook. It is also avaiable in Chinese and Japanese.


In the book I outline the way in which three fundamental coaching models are integrated into our work with clients. With numerous practical examples the book is a wonderful and easy to use resource for seasoned and beginning coaches.

Discover Your Inner Strength

by Blaine Bartlett, Stephen Covey, Brian Tracy, and Ken Blanchard 

An anthology of cutting edge growth strategies I co-authored with Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard and Brian Tracy. My discourse on sustaining success in life and in business is both inspirational and practical.


by Cynthia Kersey 

With over 700,000 copies in print, Unstoppable is the first step to creating the life you've always wanted to live. This ultimate personal motivator introduces you to 45 people from all walks of life who will not only inspire you but show you how to overcome any obstacle between you and your goals. These current, real-life role models will show you possibilities for your life and give you the courage and inspiration to triumph! 

Women Connected

by Pam Bartlett 

The "bible" for creating successful non-facilitated coaching groups and mentoring circles. The support system detailed in this book is revolutionary in its simplicity as well as its depth. The activities are easy, practical, and surprisingly profound in their effect. The book lays out specific guidelines and experiential activities to support ongoing learning, personal development, and the key ingredients for a successful and fulfilling life. Endorsed by authors Marianne Williamson and Dr. Christiane Northrup.

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